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Scary Smart! Outdoor Plug


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YoLink Smart Water Solutions

From automated water leak detection & water shut-off, to high/low water level monitoring, and distribution control    


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Amazon’s Choice

Amazon's Choice for a reason! Dependable and economical, with the features you want. Now, buy direct and save!    

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Longest Range, By Far!

Powered by LoRa by Semtech technology found worldwide in commercial applications, now for the smart home. Up to 1/4 mile range in open air!    

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Makes your garage smart(er) in seconds

Compatible with all kinds of garage door openers! YoLink garage door controllers and sensors make a smart garage door even smarter!    


You Are Smart

You want to make your home smart. You want to automate your home, to add safety, security, and convenience to your life, and even savings on your power bills. That's smart. At YoLink, by YoSmart, it is our ambition to provide the best and most user-friendly smart home products, at the best prices, with the best customer support. We think that's smart. We want to help you meet your smart home and automation needs with the YoLink family of products. Designed to be easy to set up and easy to use, and part of a growing ecosystem of smart home and automation products, with features like reliable, industry-leading long-range communication, and extended battery life, YoLink is the smart choice.

Super Long Range

Based on LoRa’s (Long Range) unique wireless communication technology, your system may enjoy up to 1000 feet (open air), easily covering large homes and buildings

Comprehensive Solution

One family, one Hub, one app, 8 categories of 20+ products in a growing smart home ecosystem can meet the needs of most any family

So Easy!

YoLink products are designed to be easy to install and set-up and easy to use. Add a new device in moments, with the YoLink app’s convenient Scan & Play feature.

Low-Power Means Long-Battery Life

… which means you’ll go longer between battery replacement, saving you time and money

Your Life, Better With Automation

Add safety, security and convenience with our easy-to-use smart home automation products. Whether your goal is convenience, safety and security, protecting property or your family, we have products to make your life better!

Customer Service Excellence

At YoLink, we strive to provide the best products with the best customer service. If you ever have a problem installing, setting-up or using your YoLink product, do not hesitate to contact us! Providing world-class customer service to ensure your customer satisfaction is our goal! Click on CONTACT for options to contact us.

YoLink Support

Smart Support for Your Smart Home